Frequently Asked Questions

You can send us an email directly at [email protected] to ask us any specific questions you have.

There is also a chat box available on the website where someone is available most of the time to chat. 

Customer service hours are 10am to 5pm Central Standard Time (CST) – USA

Our customer service is located in the United States – USA.

Our order fulfillment facilities are located in India. 

India is the global leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution. 

PharmacyDelivers.com offers many of the same generic medications you already know at very low costs. 

Our shipping warehouses contain over 3,000 different products which we ship every day to customers all over the world. 

By shipping your medicine from our warehouses in India we can guarantee you receive the freshest medicines available. 

We will also be opening customer service in Canada, Europe and Australia in Q4 of 2022. Please check back soon if you live in those regions. 

Your order will typically arrive approximately 30 – 35 days after placing your order. 

Once you submit your e-check payment, it takes approximately 5 business days for your e-check payment to clear. 

Once your payment clears, your order is sent to the order fulfillment department. There your order is reviewed and packaged for delivery. It takes approximately 5 business days for your order to be packaged and shipped.

You should receive a tracking code for your order in approximately 10 business days, 15 – 18 calendar days, of the date your order is made.

Shipping to different parts of the globe typically takes  2 -3 weeks.

We utilize e-checks for our payment processing.

You checkout normally the way you are used to doing. Instead of entering your Credit Card information, you enter your e-check information.

To complete your e-check you will need your checking account number and routing number. E-checks are just like the regular checks. You can ask your bank or financial institution where to find this information if you are unsure. 

To ensure the security of your private information, your payment information will be processed on a secure server. All payment processing activities are provided by the payment processing company https://pinwheelpay.com/. You do not need to create an account with them to use their services. They only process the payment transaction over a secure server.  Please check the website of the payment processor https://pinwheelpay.com/ if you have any questions about how your private information is stored and transferred. 



We do not accept Credit cards or Debit cards at this moment. But the checkout process is still very fast and secure. 

We utilize e-checks for our payment processing. E-checks are just like the regular paper checks. This payment method makes use of your routing number and your account number. You can ask your bank or financial institution where to find this information. 

We use what is called an e-check to process orders. This is just like your regular check that you remember using. It has your bank account number and routing number on it. Those 2 numbers are what is required to complete your purchase transaction.

Our payment processor is https://pinwheelpay.com/ . Pinwheelpay is a global leader in fraud prevention and payment processing. They utilize top tier security to process all transactions. This enables them to ensure the security of your information.

Our shipping charges are a flat $30 fee. 

This is how we keep our costs low. The fee is the charge of the shipping carrier and is not something we keep. 

We are just charging what it costs us to ship you your package.

Our pharmacy can deliver to the United States – USA

Additionally, We can deliver to almost any part of the globe that you would like. We are working on expanding payment processing for all countries. Please ask if there is e-check payment processing for your country. 

Once you submit your order we can no longer make changes to it. It would need to be canceled and you would need to create a new order.

If you contact us within 24 hours we can likely cancel your order and provide you with a coupon code worth the full value of your order for future use.

Our email is [email protected] please include your order number to help us process your cancelation request.

We try very hard to be efficient and send out orders quickly to customers. Please only make orders when you are ready.

PharmacyDelivers.com does not accept insurance information on this website. All orders need to be paid for with e-check at the time the order is made. 

We are a global delivery service and offer the best prices many people can find. 

By cutting out middle men, including insurance companies, we can keep the costs low for you. 

We currently stock and ship over 3,000 different products from our manufacturing and distribution warehouses located in India. 

We probably have what you are looking for. We just have not added it to our website inventory yet.

Send us a message at [email protected] and tell us about what you are looking for. We are happy to try and add new products for you. Just ask. 

We only sell and ship items considered “over the counter” under the laws of the country of India.

We do not sell any narcotics or controlled substances. Don’t bother asking. 

Please click on “Address Book” or “Manage Addresses” and you will be able to add “Additional Address Entries” using the “Add New Address” button. During Checkout on the “Shipping” page the “Default Billing/Shipping Address” and “Additional Addresses” are presented for your “Shipping Address”. Once confirmed and you are moved to the “Payment” page you will then need to uncheck “My billing and shipping address are the same.” This will provide a dropdown with all “Address Book Addresses” and you can select from those or provide a new address.